Root Canal Training Course

A comprehensive 2 day’s hands-on Root Canal Training Program is being conducted periodically for dental graduates at Venkat Dental Center.

Course faculty- Dr.Anil Kumar, Professor of Conservative dentistry and Endodontics.

Course coordinator –Dr.S.Venkateswaran

Course highlights

The course faculty Prof.Anil Kumar is a master clinician and a teacher par excellence with over 15 years of experience and has guided several undergraduates and post graduates to excel in the field of endodontics. His soft and gentle teaching approach is very well appreciated and he can guide the participants with all the nuances of endodontic practice.

The participants will be thoroughly trained to perform root canal treatment using the most appropriate materials including engine driven and hand protaper files, regular files, apex locator and under operating microscope.

The theoretical background of endodontic diagnosis and prognosis, microbiology of the canals, challenges of curved canals, pain management, post endodontic restorations, root canal re-treatment and management of perforations will be discussed.

Candidates will be taught to perform root canal procedures in transparent acrylic blocks and extracted teeth with RVG and all other contemporary materials and equipments.

Live treatment demonstration will be given which will give them the confidence to go back and start providing root canal therapy in their own practice.

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